BOOKING: A boutique agency, working on an international level, specializing in the development of original music artists and providing middle agenting services to major agencies.

MANAGEMENT: A dedicated team of individuals devoted to helping artists achieve their full potential through the use of strategic planning, hard work and open communication.

RECORD COMPANY: An independent record company dedicated to building long term, long lasting, successful relationships with its artists. A company based not on fad or trend but on music with integrity, that will stand up on its own over time.

MERCHANDISING: A merchandising company that works with both in house and out of house clients. Concept design, product line development, and endorsements. From concept creation, and ecommerce to manufacturing, warehousing, inventory control and billing.

A PUBLISHING COMPANY: A publishing company based on gaining the maximum exposure for its clients material, while keeping ownership control, and the majority of after profit revenue return, in the hands of the artist where it belongs.

LOGISTICS: A logistics services company working with both in house and out of house clients. Handling all logistical aspects of touring. (Travel, Accommodations, Equipment Rental, Personnel)

TALENT BUYING: The Paramour Group LLC. Provides talent-buying services to clubs, colleges, concert venues, corporations, fairs and festivals.

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